Ambient Temperature
-40 to 70 Celsius(Standard)
/ -55 to 70 Celsius (Low)
Ingress Protection Level
Explosion-proof Level
Safety Integrity Level
Fulfilled SIL2(1001)/SIL3(1002) Standard
  • Ambient Temperature
    -40 to 70 Celsius(Standard)
    / -55 to 70 Celsius (Low)
  • Ingress Protection Level
  • Explosion-proof Level
    Ex d IIB/IIC T4
  • Safety Integrity Level
    Fulfilled SIL2(1001)/SIL3(1002) Standard
GOA uses natural gas or nitrogen gas as the motive power and hydraulic oil ad the driving medium to actuate the pipeline valve to a fully open to fully closed position. The common control functions include: local pneumatic operation, local hydraulic operation, automatic line break protection, remote control, and emergency shutdown (ESD), etc.
  • First national professional gas over oil actuator manufacturer
  • First national manufacturer that passed the development and reform commission evaluation with the gas over oil actuator
  • First national manufacturer with SIL2 approved gas over oil actuator
  • CNPC gas over oil actuator CDP document review institution
  • Company with penumatic devices that fulfill the valve standard
  • 1Safety Integrity Level

    Zhonghuan's gas over oil actuator and electromagnetic valve was certified by Bureau Veritas, meeting the requirements of ISL2(1001)/SIL3(1002).

  • 2LBP-1000 Line Break Protection

    The LBP-1000 is an electric line break detection and protection system independently developed and manufactured by Zhonghuan for real-time monitoring pipeline pressure, pressure drop rate, etc. The LBP-1000 can provide a reliable guarantee for pipeline safety and integrity.

    In an emergency situation such as a pipeline break, the LBP-1000 will automatically make a judgement and trigger a command to execute emergency shutdown of the upstream and downstream valves nearest to the broken point. After receiving the command, the actuator will immediately drive the pipeline valve to a safe position, while recording pipeline pressure date before and after the triggering point. It is possible to download and analyze the record.

    Zhonghuan's LBP-1000 V6.1 has a static power requirement of 0.18W, applicable for solar or external power supplies. Zhonghuan's LBP-1000 V7.1 only has a static power requirement of several mW. Using its internal battery, it can work for more than two years, applicable for sites where a power supply is unavailable.

    The system's precision can reach 0.1%.

    The new OLED technology supports a low temperature display as low as -40 degrees Celsius, plus all-weather and wide-view, etc.; multiple languages are optional, facilitating your operation and management.

    The LBP-1000 can record high-pressure's, low-pressure's, and pressure drop rate's extreme values from the point when the pipeline is put into use, providing a basis for line break protection settings. The line pressure running record design can improve the acknowledgement of the pipeline pressure fluctuation where the GOA is located.

    Local Communication: USB, with PC software; Remote communication: RS485, with standard MODBUS-RTU protocol.

  • 3Scotch-yoke Mechanism

    Open and closed positions can be adjusted ±5 degrees, canceling the whole system's error.

    The oil cylinder has a tandem sealing structure of superior performance.

    A set bolt is used to limit its stroke in fully open/closed positions for easy adjustment.

    A water-proof observation bolt is set on top of the scotch-yoke box cover, and a breathing hole is set on bottom of the Scotch yoke box.

    The output torque changes along a parabolic curve, matching the requirement of the ball valve, and realizing a stable open/close process.

    The structure of the scotch-yoke makes maintenance easier, ensuring the valve operates online.

    The valve position indication can be used to find the local valve position or to control the opening or closing of the valve to provide electrical contact.

    The scotch-yoke has symmetrical and eccentric structure to meet the requirements of various specifications.

  • 4Zero leakage control valve group

    The product is integrated with low failure rate, simple operation, and space saving technology.

    The gas control valve group must have a total leakage of zero in the 0.5-15 Mpa pressure rage, suitable for nitrogen conditions. (24 hours without bubble)

    The solenoid valve's explosion-proof/ protection level : Ex d IIC T6/IP65, Power: 2.64W, Voltage: 15-30 VDC, Safety Level: SIL2/SIL3, achieved leading technology.

    The exhaust port is equipped with a silencer to reduce the noise emitted.

  • 5Partial Stroke Testing
    The cut-off valve, without affecting the pipeline gas, can close 10-15 degrees then automatically return to fully open position, passing PST. This prevents potential risks brought by perennial, improving the safety of the pipeline.
    Zhonghuan PST's feature:

    Automatic control program, automatic timing or manual timing, easy to adjust

    Uses little power, suitable for solar power

    PST is independent, does not affect other systems.

  • 6Wireless Monitoring System

    Wide Field Coverage:
    GPRS covers over 98% of most countries.

    Developed Technology:
    Widely used in mobile data transmission in various industries.

    High Reliability:
    It comes with retransmission scheme in case of any data loss or error.

    Continuous Online:
    Once GPRS is activated, it will remain online for communication.
    It is suitable for systems which are widely distributed; GPRS has non-real time, low cost, limited data, and control.

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