Ambient Temperature
-40 to 70 Celsius (Standard)
/ -55 to 70 Celsius (Low)
Ingress Protection Level
Explosion-proof Level
Safety Integrity Level
Fulfills SIL2(1001)/SIL3(1002) Standard
  • Ambient Temperature:
    -40 to 70 Celsius (Standard)
    /-55 to 70 Celsius (Low)
  • Ingress Protection Level
  • Explosion-proof Level
    Ex d IIB/IIC T4
  • Safety Integrity Level:
    Fulfills SIL2(1001)/SIL3(1002) Standard
The accumulative type electro-hydraulic actuator manufactured by Zhonghuan is a driving device for the on-off control of valves (without opening degree adjustment); it is emission-free, fully enclosed, and high effective. As the actuator normally has a working pressure above 15 MPa, it has a more compact structure than a gas over oil actuator and single-acting pneumatic actuator of the same specification. The electro-hydraulic actuator not only has a faster operating speed of 10 times an electric actuator of the same output, but also more control functions such as ESD, pressure drop rate, PSH, PSL, and PST. The Zhonghuan electro-hydraulic actuator has unique technology, enabling it to inherit all the control logics of gas over oil actuators.
  • First electro-hydraulic actuator with line break protection system
  • Emission-freefully enclosed, and highly effective
  • Modular structure, tight design, easy to maintain
  • 1Fully closed hydraulic pressure system

    After using the air filter for a period of time, water and solid particles accumulate in the oil, damaging its quality; as a result, some valve parts may wear down.

    This design with the oil cylinder open to the air requires the cylinder to be permanently vertical, otherwise, the oil will spill out. It is not convenient for transportation, and limits the installation direction of the actuator.

    This technology ensures that no air bubbles will be present in the hydraulic oil. There is little impact on the control valve during operation, with a system of high stability.

    As water or dust cannot enter the hydraulic system, it makes the system maintenance much easier and extends its service life.

  • 2Integrated Design of the Hydraulic Control System

    Automatic control parts including electric monitor, hydraulic pump, and solenoid valve, etc. are all installed in an enclosed box. This avoids possible corrosion cause by water, dust, or chemical air, while making it stronger and able to withstand accidental impact.

    First develop technology ahead of the industry by making new modules, manual switch, long-distance control, ESD control system, ESD series redundancy, ESD parallel redundancy, LBP burst protection, quick opening and closing speed.

  • 3Open and close time can be adjusted independently

    By adjusting the valve in the hydraulic control system, one can strictly control the switch time. The rapid opening or closing of the gas pipeline can prevent the slow closing of the water hammer effect.

  • 4Advantages of Fully-sealed System

    All hydraulic valves and soft seals should not leak even in extream environmental conditions. This reduces the frequent start of the hydraulic pump, decrease power comsumption, and sustain the power of the electro-hydrualic actuator for a long period of time.

  • 5Accommodate Low Temperature Environment

    The design of electro-hydraulic actuator combined with years of experience in the selection and application of cryogenic metals and non-metallic materials makes the products unaffected in severe environmental conditions. As a whole, the product can operation in -40 degrees Celsius condition with no heat preservation or heating measures needed. If needed, the product can even operate at -55 degrees Celsius.

  • 6Electric Control System
    The electric control system of the electro-hydraulic actuator monitors the hydraulic pressure of the system in real time and automatically controls and starting and stopping of the pump.The hardware and software of the electric control system are both developed and designed by Zhonghuan, with our full proprietary intellectual property rights.

    All weather OLED display screen, operates at -40 degrees Celsius

    English-Chinese interface

    Optional line break protection (LBP) function

    Partial stroke testing(PST) function for early discovery of valve failure

    Ten-channel surge prevention and isolation design for increased stability and safety

    PID automatic control of electric moto rotation speed and pressure, contributing to the stability of the system's operation

    System self diagnosis and alarm: smart management strategy

    EXCEL file directly generated after alarm, and data recorded to a U disc for easy management

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